Faced or un-faced Insulation?

Learn the differ­ence between Faced and Unfaced insu­la­tion and where it used.

How to fix a leaky washer hose

Step-by-step instruc­tions on how to fix a leaky washer hose.

How to repair worn carpet

Amanda’s carpet has some worn spots that are in need of repair. To do-it-yourself, you’ll need a carpet seam iron and.…

How to connect a ridged clothes dryer vent through the wall

DIY Ques­tion. How do I replace a PVC clothes dryer vent with ridged galva­nized aluminum pipe? Answer: First you’ll want to …

How to remove an EZ anchor with the screw head broken off

While trying to install a deco­ra­tive shelf using plastic, EZ self-drilling dry wall anchors, the screw head broke off. I recom­mended that she…

How to reinforce drywall for towel bars

There are holes and the drywall is soft where my towel bar used to go. How do I repair and rein­force this area? Start by cutting…

How to remove or cover water stains on a fireplace

Dawn asks; My fire­place has water stains where it once leaked. How do I remove or cover the stains. Start by using a bit of…

How to make a clothes mannequin stand

Brit­tany, an aspiring designer, found a, old mannequin and needs to make a stand so she can work with it. This is a great DIY project that starts with…

Where can I find a list of basic tools and DIY guides

Where can I find a list of basic tools and guides for the DIY’er? I put together a few FREE PDF’s just for you and a couple of..

How to remove and refinish a popcorn ceiling

Clem, who lives in a small Manhattan apart­ment, has ques­tions about removing and refin­ishing an old popcorn surface ceiling.

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