How to Replace a Washing Machine Hose

A special how-to DIY tip for replacing washing machine hoses.

If you recall, I covered the impor­tance of washing machine hose main­te­nance earlier. If not, please do so as it can save you from costly repairs.

You will need to buy either a pair of rubber or braided 6 foot washer hoses at your hard­ware or home center (I recom­mend the braided hoses). Make sure they come with the little rubber washers for each end of the hoses.

You’ll need the following supplies;

Shut off the water

First, shut off the water supply valves to the washing machine (located on the wall behind the washer).

Pull the washing machine away from the wall to gain access to the rear of the machine.

Remove hose from washing machine

Have a small bucket and a towel to catch the water left in the hoses as you remove them from the washing machine. Loosen one of the hoses at the washing machine first and put the end of the hose in the bucket. Next remove the second hose and place it in the bucket so it can drain too.

Remove hoses from wall connections

Now loosen and remove the hoses from the wall connec­tions. Drain the hoses in the bucket and wipe up any spills that usually happen.

Install new washing machine hoses

Now you’re ready to install the new hoses. First make sure the rubber washers are installed in each hose end. Put a couple of wraps of Teflon tape on the wall connec­tions and the washer connec­tions (two to three wraps is good). Notice on the washer it will have a “C” and a “H” next to the connec­tions, this desig­nates Hot and Cold.

Make a note of which is which. When connecting the hoses to the supply valves and to the washer DO NOT over tighten. You are only trying to compress the little rubber washer in the end of the hose to make a good seal. Snug is good (if one of the hoses leak you can tighten them a bit to stop the leak).

Now connect the first hose to the bottom connec­tion of the washer (connec­tions are usually stacked one above the other. If not, connect to either). Now connect the second hose to the washer. Next, connect the hose from the Hot connec­tion of the washer to the left (Hot) connec­tion on the wall supply valve. Then connect the remaining hose to the right (Cold) connec­tion on the wall supply valve.

Turn on the water / check for leaks

Turn on the water at the wall and check for leaks. The best way to check for leaks is to wipe a napkin, paper towel or a tissue over the connec­tions. If there’s a leak, gently tighten the connec­tion. This will stop the leak.

Test washer / final check for leaks

Next, start the washer like you normally would. The washer will start filling with water and purge the air from the lines. Now check the four connec­tions again and make certain there are no leaks. Just let the washer fill for a few seconds and turn it off. To empty the water from the washer, set the cycle to spin and let the washer run till it shuts down.

One last thing, clean up and you’re finished! Congratulations!

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miele washing machine
miele washing machine

Great, I'm really hoping that my husband can now change the hose of our washing machine, thanks for the help!