How To Fix a Loose Wood Screw

The Solution for Loose Screws.

Do you have a wood screw that's not holding well? You know, the screws you keep having to tighten in a place where you can't just use a larger screw.

Not to worry as I have the solution for you.

Here's How To;

  1. Remove the loose screw.
  2. Drill the screw hole out to the same size as a golf tee.
  3. Put a drop of carpenters glue in the hole.
  4. Next, tap the golf tee in the hole and let the glue dry.
  5. Cut off the excess tee sticking out. A hack saw blade works great.
  6. Re-install a new screw.
DIY Tip: If you have a larger loose screw hole, drill the hole out to a larger size and use a hard wood dowel instead of a golf tee.

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