How To Remove Moss From Your Roof

Simple DIY solu­tion for removing moss from your roof.

If there’s moss, algae or lichen growing on your roof, that growth will shorten the life of your roof. Here’s a simple solu­tion to alle­viate the problem.

So here we go.

Mix up a solu­tion of equal parts bleach and water in a garden sprayer. Spray the mixture on the affected areas of the roof. This will kill the moss, algae and lichen.

To greatly reduce these growths from returning, install zinc strips across your roof line. The zinc strips/shield typi­cally comes in 50 foot lengths and run about $55 dollars.

When it rains, the zinc will mix with the rain to form a film of zinc carbonate that will coat the roof, reducing the likely return of these growths.

Here’s one place to get your zinc shield. And a great how-to install zinc strips video.

PS: Copper strips or copper ridge caps will do the same job. They’re just a bit more expensive.

One more do-it-yourself tip to help you succeed with speed.

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Excellent information! This is exactly how you remove those dark spots from you roof as well. Just wanted to add that according to College Station roofing experts, make sure you hose off your driveway and lawn to further dilute the bleach/water solution. That will help prevent anyone's pet from getting sick accidentally!