Socket and Wrench Sets, What’s the Best Buy?

The Best Socket and Wrench Set you'll ever buy.

I'm back with another fantastic DIY tip for you today.

If you're anything like me I'll bet you've come across a stripped nut or bolt or even stripped a few yourself. It doesn't get much more frustrating than being stopped by a lousy nut or bolt.

Stripped Nut

But what's even worse, you guessed it, banging up your knuckles too. Remember how that felt? Well I sure do.

Injured knuckles

It usually starts when you try to loosen a nut and ended up stripping it with a lousy or wrong size wrench. Or by trying to tighten a metric nut with a standard socket (or vise-versa).

Like me, you probably have a bunch of various size sockets and wrenches and a tool box or two to store them, and still never seem to have the right tool for the job.

Your collection may even look something like this.

You've probably noticed that there are many different sockets and wrenches sets to choose from; 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", standard, and metric sockets. Open end wrenches, box end wrenches, and ratchet type wrenches. SIx piece sets to 3000+ piece sets, and the list goes on and on.

With so many socket and wrench sets out there, you might ask yourself, "Why so many choices?" The answer is, they sell! Why? Because everyone is looking for the perfect tool set to suit their specific needs.

Believe me, there was a time when I had hundreds of sockets and wrenches, and three tool boxes to store them. Between their cost, the space they took up, the weight to transport them, and the time it took to find the right tool... ARGG!! What a hassle.

But I'm happy to say those days are over!

The Best Socket and Wrench Set

The solution is this 62 piece socket and wrench set, by Metrinch. Believe me, this is going to be the last socket and wrench set you'll probably ever buy. The 62 piece set usually runs about $150, but prices fluctuate so shop around on the net.

First off, both the sockets and wrenches grip the flat sides of the nuts instead of the corners, so no more stripping nuts!

And since they grip the flat sides of the nuts and bolts, the sockets and wrenches work on damaged nuts, and fit both standard or metric.

Now it only takes one set of tools to do the job!

How Metrinch Works

Check out this Metrinch video to see them in action.

This incredible 62-piece socket and wrench set does it all, and comes in it's own custom case for convenient transport and storage. And if that not enough they come with a Lifetime International replacement warranty.

Metrinch Socket Set Open Case 62-piece

Once I tried these sockets and wrenches, I sold my three tool boxes of sockets and wrenches, and made enough money to buy a Metrinch set, and pocket a few bucks. Now that's a deal!

I've owned my Metrinch set for about 15 years and they're still as good as new.

Believe me, you'll love these tools!

Here's what you get

  • No slipping means better safety and no more banged up knuckles.
  • Fewer tools means less space and a lighter tool box.
  • Less tools makes it a easier to find the tool you need.
  • Save money by not having to buy two sets of tools or pay ER bills.
  • Works on metric, standard and damaged fasteners.
  • Includes a cool little two finger ratchet for those small hard to reach jobs.
  • Metrinch offers different size sets for the home owner to the professional.
  • And if that's not enough, they have a Lifetime International Replacement Warranty.

This is definitely the last combination tool set you'll ever buy and, for the price, you can't go wrong.

The set you see above is the 62-piece set, if you need a larger or smaller set, look at these other options.

Also, if you're looking for a great gift for your special DIY'er, this will surely do the trick.

NOTE: Individual and combination sets are available in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch,  and 1/2 inch drive, as well as impact sets.

If you have questions about your DIY projects or what tool to buy, just ask your DIY Consultant.


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  1. These wrenches are top quality and have a Lifetime Guarantee. I bought a set when they first came out, I think about 10 years ago. They’re still like new. I bought a set for work too. Give em a try, you won’t be disappointed.
    DIY Answer Guy

  2. I don’t doubt that they are great tools, but I have a very hard time believing they could outperform snap-on’s tools. When measured with a moh’s hardness tester snap-on’s alloys blow everything else out of the water…

    • Well as with most consumables it’s all about preference. I know Snap on tools are of excellent quality.
      This Metrinch set is a really compact, convenient, quality set of tools for most DIY’ers.

  3. I bought the hype an purchased a set of these, I’m sceptical though, hope it works out, I really and tired of those stupid cheap wrenches that flex and round out the bolts and nuts on cars…was considering a snap on flank drive wrench set but the metrinch set was cheaper and claimed to work on a wider variety of fasteners. Hope it works out.

    •  @NicholasRampersad I bought Metrinch set and love them

  4. Warranty?  Try replacing a socket and see what happens.  You have to pay to ship the old one back, then they charge $10-$15 to send the new one to you.  That’s not a warranty…. that’s buying a new socket.

  5. I have this same set. I bought it at least 12 years ago. I like the compactness of the set.  I had a ratchet break shortly after buying the set. The “warranty” is ridiculous,  I bought a better ratchet at the store for less than their replacement cost.  Not enough teeth in the ratchet and better designs for switching directions out there. If you lose a piece they cost a lot to replace and you can’t just get them at the hardware store.  It’s a good tool set as long as you don’t have any problems.

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