How to adhere mosaic tiles to galvanized metal

Today’s DIY Ques­tion: Freda asks;

I am using a galva­nized steel stock tank (horse trough) as a pond. I would like to adhere Rock-on-a-Roll which is made up of a variety of poly­mers laid over a flex­ible backing, which are textured and colored to repli­cate the aesthetic qual­i­ties of bedrock. The product can be put in or outside of a pond.

I would like to know what adhe­sive to use that will attach this product to galva­nized steel. It’s not imper­a­tive but I’d prefer it to be fish safe. The pond is outside, obviously.

DIY Answer Guy:

Hi Freda, Thanks for writing Freda. What a bril­liant idea!

We’ve been trying to come up with the ideal vessel for our new recir­cu­lating water­fall, so thanks for the tip.

Here’s the adhe­sive I think will work for you. It’s called ECO-BOND HD100. It’s life friendly and is weather proof.

It’s the first one on the list, and runs about $4.50 a tube.

When you finish your project I’d love to see pictures. I’m sure it will turn out great.


Freda: Awesome! I will be sure to send you a picture. Thanks so much.