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How to remove an EZ anchor with the screw head broken off

While trying to install a deco­ra­tive shelf using plastic, EZ self-drilling dry wall anchors, the screw head broke off. I recom­mended that she…

How to remove or cover water stains on a fireplace

Dawn asks; My fire­place has water stains where it once leaked. How do I remove or cover the stains. Start by using a bit of…

Why Does The Toilet Sweat

Sweating toilets. Why a toilet sweats is one of the most often asked DIY home improve­ment ques­tions I receive. The answer is pretty straight forward and I’ll show you how to stop your toilet from sweating.

Three of the Best Do-it-Yourself Home Improvement Reference Books You Can Own

No matter what type of do-it-yourself home plumbing, wiring or construc­tion project you decide to under­take, having solid, basic back­ground infor­ma­tion close at hand is a must. And with these three do-it-yourself refer­ence books, you’ll be well on your way to succeeding with speed.

How to Easily Remove Wall Anchors

A quick and easy tip for removing pesky wall anchors without leaving a huge hole in the wall.

How to Clean Tile Grout Lines

Fast and easy do-it-yourself solu­tion to cleaning tile grout.

How To Fix a Loose Wood Screw

Quick and easy solu­tion for fixing a loose screw.

Silencing Squeaky Floors and Steps

A fast and easy solu­tion for elim­i­nating floor and stair squeaks.

Sweating Toilet Tanks

How to easily stop your toilet tank from sweating and drip­ping on the floor.

Appliance Information Resources

For excel­lent appli­ance infor­ma­tion, parts, and manuals check out these great DIY resources.

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