Why Use DIY Answer Guy

Although doing home projects yourself can give you a great sense of accomplishment, they don’t always go as planned — something always seems to go wrong and the instructions in how-to books never seem to match exactly what you’re working on. When that happens, I can help you solve your exact problem so you can complete your do-it-yourself project at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional to come to your home. So next time you’re facing a DIY problem, let the DIY Answer Guy give you the answers so you can succeed with speed.

Expert Answers

Get Do-it-yourself answers from an expert, tailored to your specific project.


Know the information you need to complete your DIY project right – the first time.

Trusted Partner

Have a partner you can trust to help you through just about any do-it-yourself project.

Knowledgeable Insights

You’ll get the knowledge and ideas to help solve just about any mishap you may encounter.


Your DIY Answer Guy will recommend the right tools and materials for the job.

Save Time

Save time by not having to do the project twice!

Save Money

Save yourself from making costly mistakes (that could’ve been avoided).

Save Gas!

Eliminate extra trips back and forth to the home improvement store.

Save Materials

An expert guiding you through unexpected speed bumps so you don’t waste materials.

Phone Consultation

If you prefer, consultation by phone or Skype is available to walk you through the details.