The Truth About Tools

Here are the seldom revealed, but well know true uses of our common DIY tools. Enjoy!

Best Garden Tools

What are the best garden and landscaping tools? Well search no more. Chauncey Yarderer, the DIY Master Gardener, has done all the research for you.

Best DIY Tool Boxes and Organizers

The search is over. Here are the best light weight and inexpensive DIY tool boxes and organizers to allow you to securely transport your tools and supplies to the job.

Best DIY Power Tools

Your DIY Answer Guy has done all the research so you don’t have to. Here are my picks for the best DIY Power Tools for the money.

Best DIY Tool Box – Quest for the Best Part 2

What is the best DIY Toolbox / Organizer? After a long and perilous search I’ve got a surprising ending to this saga, and it’s great news. I’ve met the challenge, the hunt is over, and here’s the ending.

Cool DIY Tools

When it comes to making DIY home improvement projects easier to handle, these are the cool do-it-yourself tools I personally recommend.