Removing wall anchors the quick and easy way.

I understand the frustration you feel when you want remove something hanging on the wall (book shelf, picture, towel rack, etc.) only to find out that a wall anchor needs removed too.

And, as you probably know, trying to remove that little wall anchor by pulling it out usually leaves a really big hole!

Now your small do-it-yourself project has turned into a large hole patching project too.

You see, most wall anchors are plastic and have barbs that hold them in place. These work quite well but tend to leave big holes in the wall if you try to pull them out.

Well, I have a great little tip for you that will help you easily remove that wall anchor while minimizing the hole to patch.

So here we go.

How to Easily Remove Wall Anchors

Our goal is to cut the face of the anchor off and then push the remaining part of the anchor through the wall.

  1. Take a new utility blade and place it flat against the wall just above the anchor face. * BE CAREFUL. Using a utility blade like this can lead to injury. I recommend wearing gloves.
  2. Next, slide the blade slowly and carefully behind the face of the anchor.
  3. Alternate downward pressure, left to right, on the blade, slowly cutting the anchor face off.
  4. Once the anchor face has been cut off, gently push the remaining part of the anchor (that is left inside the hole) into the wall. A small Phillips head screwdriver works well.

Now you have just have a small hole to patch.

DIY Tip: The trick to effectively patching holes in drywall is to make sure the patching plaster is dry before sanding. To help make this easier, I recommend using DryDex Spackling because it goes on pink and dries white when it’s time to sand and paint.

Removable Wall Anchors

There is a newer type of wall anchor available to do-it-yourself’ers called EZ Anchor.

These wall anchors come in a variety of sizes and screw directly into the wall.

This is a time-saving benefit for both installing and removing because when you need to remove the anchor, you can simply un-screw it from the wall and patch. You can pick up EZ Anchors at your local home center.

It’s that easy.

If you have questions about your DIY projects, just ask your personal DIY consultant. I’m here to help you succeed with speed.