Simple Solution for Sweating Toilet Tanks

Are you having a problem with the toilet tank sweating and dripping all over the floor? Well don’t feel alone as many people have this irritating problem.

First, the reason your toilet tank sweats is that the water entering the tank has a temperature of around 45 degrees and the room temperature is typically higher. So when the warmer room air comes in contact with the cooler toilet tank the air condenses, causing the tank to sweat and drip on the floor.

To resolve this problem you need to install an anti sweat valve.

anti sweat valve.The anti sweat valve takes a bit of hot water, from the hot water supply, and mixes it with the cold water supply to the toilet. This increases the temperature of the water in the tank just enough to stop the room air from condensing, thus solving the problem.

Anti sweat valves cost about $20-30 dollars and are easily installed.

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