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How many extra trips have you made to Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc. because the tools or supplies you bought ended up being the wrong one?

How much time have you wasted standing in front of a wall of items, staring in bewilderment, not knowing which was the right one for your specific project?

Too many times to count?

DIY Answer Guy is here to help.

Next time you’re at your local home supply center, standing in the aisle, facing a thousand product choices on the wall — not knowing which one is exactly the one you need to finish your project…

You can call me.

Next time you’re in the middle of a home DIY project and something goes really, really, wrong, and you need help RIGHT NOW…

You can call me.

Next time you need help designing a house, adding on another room, building a deck, or laying a brick patio…

You can call me.

DIY Answer Guy’s ON-CALL service makes it even easier to get the right answers, fast!