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What type of towel bar to use with restricted space

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Cheri asked

We are in the midst of remodeling our bathroom. In doing so, we have lost towel bar space. Our option is to get a free-standing towel rack/bar or install towel bars on an inward curved wall. Can we do so with a standard towel bar? I’ve investigated online but can only find one such bar and it’s not attractive. We have transitional taste and our fixtures are satin nickel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Cheri, The best solution, with good taste of course, is to buy a swivel towel bar.

Swivel towel bar

They come in single, double or triple configurations, and in various finishes. 

Be sure to use heave duty anchors if you don’t have a stud to fasten to. Fixture Universe is a great site to shop from. Good luck and let me know how things go.

Oh, and here’s another site that might help Accents of Salado.