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Expanding patio with pavers. How much clearance is recommended?

by | May 31, 2016 | DIY Questions

Roy asked

Good afternoon, Thank you for offering your expertise and experience to those of us brave enough or stupid enough to attempt these projects.

Expand back porch/patio area to create more “hard” surface for seating, eating, and cooking.

Current Status:
Standard 8’x12′ concrete slab off rear single kitchen door.

I have always wanted to do something with a mix of red and light gray (color of concrete) pavers to expand the patio area, mainly to avoid all concrete blandness or to have to tear up the current slab.

While watching Desperate Landscapes, it was suggested to build up the side areas of an existing patio and actually place pavers over the slab (of course place a layer of leveling sand down first.) Sounds like a great solution.

My question is, will this raise the level up too close to the door stoop? How much clearance is recommended or required from the bottom of the door frame/opening to the top of the pavers? I am concerned with water coming in during hard rains (I’m outside of Atlanta so snow is not a concern.)

Thank you

DIY Answer Guy

Hello Roy, Mr. ambitious. Good for you, make a fun time.

Here’s an idea to consider. Use the pavers as a border and acid patina the slab. Then, if you decide to go that way, let me know and I’ll get you the information and instructions.

Yes, a bed of sand under the pavers is needed.

As far as the patio height to threshold goes, that differs. Here in Washington all deck/patio are flush with the threshold. Since you know how much it rains there you would have a better idea on what the high water level is, and go with what you are comfortable with. If you do end up with a step remember it takes a few passes through to the patio before you learn the step.

Enjoy your project and I’ll bet it comes out great and shows some character.