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How to create custom paint colors inexpensively

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Shannon asked

I am a high school art teacher and we are creating various murals at our school and I need a large variety of latex colors but small amounts (not enough to buy gallons of everything). How can I mix colors myself to paint on the wall. I am hoping for the most economical way!

I’m assuming I need latex paint to paint on a wall with latex (slightly glossy) cinderblock walls. I would rather use Acrylic but am unsure it if would stay.

Thanks so much for your help!

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Shannon, Thanks for writing, and thanks for caring for the children. You are the best. You’re project sound like great fun.

Latex will work just fine. As for mixing paint yourself, that’s a bit tough, as it requires several base colors and a lots of trial and error. But this idea might be an easy and free solution.

Ask all your kiddos to see if Mom, Dad, OR the neighbors would like to donate/recycle any of their unwanted paints!  Treat it as a recycling plan and a painting lesson (stipulate what types of paint you can accept).

Have the paint dropped off at the school at a specific time and place (ask your maintenance man to help out with safe storage and transport). Now you can experiment with mixing colors with what’s on hand. 

When your project is completed you can take the left over paint to your local recycler.  Your project is a success simply by people helping others just a bit. No pain, lots of gain.

Best of luck to you and the kiddos.