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How to repair worn carpet

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Amanda asked

Hi DIY Answer Guy!

My house is only a year old, but my carpet looks horrible! There are three spots where my carpet is worn down practically to the pad. I’d like to patch them. How would I do that? One is in the middle of the floor, one is on the seam in a doorway between two carpeted rooms, and the third is on a seam between a carpeted room and a floor with another surface. I do have carpet to do the patches that is the same as the carpet already installed in the house.

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Amanda,

The carpet repairs you’d like to do are possible, but you’ll need a Carpet Seaming Iron and Carpet Seam Tape.

This is one of those projects that I’d leave to a professional, because a bad patch will show up as much as a worn spot. Call a carpet installer to do the work, as it shouldn’t cost much to do and the result will be great.