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How to connect a ridged clothes dryer vent through the wall

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Josh asked

I just bought new clothes dryer so I’m replacing the dryer vent because the old one was PVC. I am going to use mostly ridged galvanized aluminum pipe. The pipe has a length of about 25 feet. The dryer is on the first floor. So I have to go through a wall a little to get to the basement ceiling. My problem is that when I run the pipe in the wall there is a 2×4 that has already been notched all that it can be preventing the pipes from connecting. There was a gap between the old elbows in the wall, that was filled with silicone. Should I do the same fill the gap with silicone, or should I run a three inch elbow in the wall and have a three inch to four inch increaser adaptor on the ends of the elbow. Then connect a piece of semi-ridged pipe for easy cleaning and smoother bend coming out of the ceiling and then connect that to the ridged galvanized aluminum pipe. Please help I am stumped!

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Josh, That is a puzzle. I have a question first, the new pipe that you are running, is it flex pipe, with ridges, or smooth wall pipe? If it is the flex with ridges that can create a problem down the road with lint build up in the pipe. So use smooth wall only.

Next, if this route is the only way to go then using the 3″ adapter to get through the wall and down to the basement would be my recommendation.

NO silicone. Also, use foil tape to seal any joints you may have.

The whole idea with dryer vents is to provide the shortest, straightest, smoothest route for venting.

I’m sure you’ll do a good job and all will work out. If I can assist further, let me know.