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How to remove a broken EZ-anchor

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Jay asked

I was installing a hook rack in the bathroom today using the plastic 75 pound ez anchors. I had about 3/4 of the anchor into the drywall when I noticed I hit a wall stud. I attempted to remove the anchor and I got about half a turn when it snapped off down inside the hole. Can I go get one of those metal style self tapping anchors that they claim will drive into a wall anchor and screw it in pushing the broken plastic one out of the way or what do you suggest? Btw.. I successfully installed one of the plastic anchors for the other end of the rack.

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Jay, I’ve had that same thing happen too. The best solution is to screw through the broken anchor into the stud. If that isn’t possible, for some reason, then use a pair of small needle nose pliers to remove the anchor.

Once removed drill a pilot hole in the stud and secure your rack. 

Let me know how things work out.