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How to remove a stuck washing machine hose

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Robert asked

My hot water washer hose is corroded and will not come off. I tried WD 40 and a pipe wrench, but I don’t want to bust the copper pipe. Any suggestions?

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Robert, The first way to loosen the hose from the supply is to carefully heat the hose connector. Try a hair dryer or a propane torch.Turn off the water. If you do use a torch you will want to fold up several layers of foil and place it as a background behind the hose and water supply to keep the wall or box etc from heating up or catching fire.¬†Next, heat the hose connector up a bit, then secure the copper supply, so it can’t move, with vise grips. Use some channel locks or a pipe wrench to loosen the hose connector.

If you feel uncomfortable with this STOP and try the following.

Take a hack saw, or just it’s blade, and cut the hose connector perpendicular to the connector just to weaken the connector. Then loosen.

Let me know how things work out.