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How to Remove a Towel Bar Bracket and Anchor

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Jenna asked

I want to remove a hand towel holder in my bathroom. Unfortunately the builder used a bracket and drywall screws. The entire piece of hardware is a bit larger than a 50 cent piece, and since the screw in the center of the mounting piece just spins around, I am worried my only option is to cut out the entire section of drywall. Any better ideas? Thanks for your time and help!

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Jenna, It would be helpful to see a picture of the bracket. Could you send me one? If not, try this little trick.

Sometimes a screw can just be stripped in the wall, so try this.

Take a standard slotted screwdriver and place the blade flat on the bracket. Slide the blade up to the screw so that the blade is between the bracket and the screw head (or at least against the side of the screw head). Now as you loosen the screw with another screwdriver try to pry the screw head out as you loosen the screw.

Be patience and careful, as this takes a bit of fineness.

Thank you Larry!


Larry, Your tip worked!! Thank you!!

Sensation of getting that sucker out was like my first tooth! :)

Ridiculously long screw for a measly hand towel rack — overkill in my book but oh well. 3 inches long at least. I’ll for sure reach out to you again & spread the word how helpful you are. For a newbie do-it-yourselfer, this is a great feeling. Heard the back wing part drop down the wall as I cheered :) Thanks again!

DIY Answer Guy

Jenna, Congratulations Jenna, great job! You were quite patience getting that one out.  I’m very happy to help out. And thanks so much for the pictures, they’re great. Would you mind if I posted your problem and our solution, in my blog, for others? 

Let me know and if you ever need help, I’ll be here.

Take care Jenna


No problem Larry. I’m sure it will be helpful advice for others. It did take some patience but well worth it. :) Too bad I wasn’t more patient hanging my new mirror. Argh! Knicked the corner trying to hang it. Problem seems to be uneven mounts on the back not making it easy. I put way too many holes in the drywall trying to eyeball the discrepancy.

I’ve patched the holes but suspect I won’t be able to use drywall screws in those same spots since the drywall has been compromised right?

DIY Answer Guy

Thanks again Jenna. Yea, getting those mirrors straight can be a challenge. 

Try this, 

Measure the distance between the mounts on the mirror. (make a note of that)

Now measure the distance from the top of the mirror to each mount. (make a note of that, and the difference between the two)

Next mark a spot on the wall for the screw on the side that was closest to the top of the mirror.

Next measure the distance across for the second screw. 

Now use a level to draw a light line from the spot on the wall to where the next screw will go.

Once you have that level line, measure down from the line the distance between the measurements of the mounts from the top of the mirror. (I know, it’s a bit confusing but that’s only because I’m not the best technical writer ;-)

If you’ve followed me so far it’s a miracle.

Anyway now you’re ready for the special anchors that will allow you to use that compromised drywall. EZ-anchors work great for this and many other situations. Here’s a picture of one.

To instal the anchor just tap a hole in the wall with a small Phillips screwdriver, then screw the anchor into the wall.

Then drive the screws into the anchors and hang your mirror.

Let me know how it goes. Remember, learn one, do one, teach one.  

Take care Jenna.


Ok, I think I’m following you. Will try to re-hang tomorrow night. I should have done that from the start but didn’t think the brackets on the back were that off. Patience is not my strength in projects like this, nor is measuring. J Not a good combination! That ¼ inch will really mess things up, unless you like looking at yourself with your head tilted to one side.

I have heard about those EZ screws and will get some at my home away from home, Home Depot tomorrow.

I’ve used them once before and had one go too deep in the dry wall—not good—sounds like a light tap with the Philips to get it started is all that should be done?

I must have tapped too hard?

Will let you know if I’m successful. Glad I found you, as replacing the toilet and sink might be next if I get the courage & a bonus this year!

Thanks Larry – have a good night.

Larry! You really do rule!

Mirror is up and while I’ll have to eventually replace it because if the ding I put in it, I got over my drywall screw & mirror anxiety. Thanks for all the step by step guidance. I am really grateful! Cheers, Jenna

Larry, It’s up! :) EZ screws worked great. Woo hoo!

DIY Answer Guy

Yea Jenna, you rule too! Thanks for the kudos. And thanks for the pictures, it looks fabulous! When you get ready for the rest of the fixtures just let me know. No worries mate.

Cheers to ya. Take care.