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How to remove or cover water stains on a fireplace

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Roy asked

My fireplace has water stains where it once leaked. I sold the house and would like to try to remove the stains, or can I stain the fireplace to cover the water stains. The water stains have caulking streaks in it. I have tried soapy water. I picked up some muriatic stuff to clean it — based on the hardware store guy. Haven’t used it yet. If I do stain it… is wood stain okay… that is what I have been told. If I stain it, do I use a brush or rag? Need to know ASAP as I’m trying to get this done this weekend and move next weekend. Will the wood stain cover my water stains?

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Dawn, You can try cleaning the stains with the muriatic acid, but just do a small out of the way spot and see if it works.

If it doesn’t work then buy a solid body stain that matches the best and try that on a small spot. Use a small rag to try it out. Wear gloves or you’ll be matching your fireplace. 

If the stain does a good job then do the rest using a foam brush. Just remember not to use to much stain in the brush or it will run all over the rest of the fireplace. Slow and steady will give you a good result.

Write me back if you need more help.