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How to reinforce drywall for towel bars

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Steven asked

Two holes in drywall from wall anchors This is a wobbly side of a bathroom towel rack. The left side hole was simply screwed into the dry wall, and the right side hole had one of those white screw-type wall anchors that I screwed out. I cannot simply replace with a larger wall anchor because the oval area of the wall is punky. That is, when I just press gently in that zone, the wall is soft and “gives” noticeably.

Replacement wall anchors would meet the same fate, I believe. If I cut out that weak oval area and replace it with a dry wall patch, will it be strong enough to serve as the support for the towel rack? I do not wish to move the rack to a new location if at all possible, so what do you suggest to repair the wall such that it can be used for that side of the rack support?

DIY Answer Guy

Hi Steven,

The best solution for this situation is to remove all the anchors, cut a hole about 3 inches square where the original anchors were. Cut two pieces of plywood about 3/4 to 1 inch larger than the holes. This will allow you to secure them through the existing drywall on each side with drywall screws.

To hold the plywood in place while you secure it, just put a drywall screw in the middle of the plywood and use it as a handle. Now insert the plywood pieces through the 3 inch hole and secure the plywood with drywall screws.

Be sure that your hole cuts are square and clean, as this will allow for easy patching. Be careful screwing the drywall screws through the existing drywall into the plywood so the heads are just below the surface of the drywall but not breaking the drywall edges.

Once you have secured the plywood with drywall screws patch the holes over the plywood with carefully cut pieces of drywall.

Now apply quick set drywall mud, and let dry. Once dry, sand and mud again, if needed.

Sand once again and paint. Now mount your towel rack.

Now you have a strong backer in which to secure your towel rack.

I know it sounds like a bit of work but the results will be great and you won’t have do it again.

PS; I’ll be posting a video on removing anchors and reinforcing drywall to rehang towel bars, so check back soon.



Thanks a bunch, Larry!