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To frame or not to frame

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John asked

Presently in the planning stages of a basement renovation project. I’m planning to renovate half of the basement. Large open room with half bath. I’ve already gutted the basement, and need to have some rough plumbing done before things start. I have my plumber and electrician onboard, but can not find anyone for the carpentry. I have called many contractors, but none have called back.

My question is should I attempt to frame this myself or is this way too difficult. I consider myself fairly handy, but do not have any formal training in framing. I also wondered if the basement should be framed with the aluminum studs and green board since I have a french drain around 3/4 of the basement.

I’m very frustrated at the lack of professionalism with the contractors, and wonder if it is a sign for me to do it myself. Looking for an opinion, what do you think?

DIY Answer Guy

Hi John, First off, you are right about some contractors being quite frustrating, but my advise regarding your project is to do the framing yourself. It’s not so tough.

Here’s a great book to help you with your whole project. Remodeling a Basement: Expert Advice from Start to Finish.

If you don’t have all the right tools let me know and I’ll be happy to help you find what you’ll need.
Also I’d use treated 2x4s for your bottom plates and just hold your drywall 1/2″ off the floor and that should be fine.

Is your basement floor concrete? If so what type of flooring are you going to use? Let me know and I’ll give you a few tips on insulating and type of flooring.

Remember to take plenty of pictures, as it’s great to look back on how and what you’ve accomplished.