The most complete miter saw I’ve ever used

Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with LaserHitachi Compound Miter Saw For any contractor or professional woodworker the Hitachi C12LDH 12-inch Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw is the by far the most complete miter saw I’ve ever used. No matter what the project, this compound miter saw does it all.

First, the Hitachi laser marker system that you can turn on before the blade starts and it’s easily adjustable to the left or right of your cut mark.

Next, the thumb-actuated miter stops allow for simple miter adjustments. And after you set your bevel angle, a micro-bevel adjustment knob provides precise angle adjustment for superb accuracy. The pivoting aluminum fence is 5-1/8 inches high making cutting crown molding a snap.

The powerful 15-amp motor provides plenty of power for any job, and the elastomer grip handle keeps all that power under your precise control. So, if you want power, flexibility, state of the art precision, and durability, this is the only saw for you. Definitely the professional’s choice.

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