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Review: Hitachi CR13VST Reciprocating Saw

by | Jan 18, 2010 | Product Reviews

The best DIY demolition tool.

Hitachi Reciprocating SawIf there’s demo work to be done, then you’ll need a reciprocating saw. Often called a “sawzall” (pronounced “Saws All”), this type of saw is an excellent tool for cutting studs away from plates, cutting nails and just getting into those places standard circular saws just won’t go.

A sawzall is very similar to a jig saw, with it’s foot and oscillating blade, but the sawzall blade is much wider, and longer, and a sawzall has much more power.

Most sawzalls are very similar in design but vary in power and features.

The most important features to look for are the ability to change blades quickly without the use of tools, and a comfortable weight and grip. As control is everything when using a sawzall. And of course a great warranty.

That’s why I recommend the Hitachi CR13VST, as it provides all the features we’re looking for in a reasonably priced reciprocating saw.

Hitachi’s tool-less blade change system not only makes changing blades really fast, but you can also install the saw blade with the teeth facing either side of the saw.This provides extra flexibility for getting into hard to reach places. The easy grip D-handle, and a weight well under 8 lbs provides the safety and ease of control you need.

As far as power goes, the 10 Amp motor with electronic feedback control gives you all the power you’ll need for most DIY home improvement demo projects.

And Hitachi’s five year warranty completes the list of features on our list, and assures excellent service for many years to come.

The Hitachi CR13V comes with an all-purpose blade, hex bar wrench, and heavy-duty carrying case for easy transport and storage.

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