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Review: Irwin 12-Inch Quick-Grip Bar Clamp

by | Jan 18, 2010 | Product Reviews

Sometime when you’re working alone, you just need an extra hand. Irwin’s quick grip clamps work with just one hand so you don’t have to stop in the middle of your project.

Quick Grip ClampI’ve had a pair of these handy clamps for years, and never stop finding more uses for them. In fact I just bought another 6″ pair just for my compound miter saw. They’re excellent for holding the saw in place, or anything else for that matter.

The clamps are made of high strength steel for durability, and the soft pads protect your project from damage. Plus you can adjust and clamp all with one hand.

Oh, and did I mention that you can reverse the ends to turn the clamp into a spreader? That little trick has that helped me out of a few jams.

These useful clamps are an extra pair of hands at your command. They come in various sizes to fit all you DIY project needs.
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IRWINQUICK-GRIPOne-Handed Mini Bar Clamp 2 Pack, 12″, 1964745 See it on Amazon