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Review: Milwaukee 6391-21 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Right Handed Circular Saw with Blade on Left

by | Jan 18, 2010 | Product Reviews

A proper right-handed circular saw with all the convenient features wrapped into a light-weight, easy-to-use package.

This Milwaukee right handed circular saw is my new favorite DIY power tool. I have been using a 16lb worm drive saw most of my life. Now I’m enjoying the lighter weight, as well as the ergonomics of this saw. The ladies will love this saw too, as the tilt-lok handle adjust to most applications, making the saw very easy to control.

This saw is for right handed DIY’ers. Which means, with the blade on the left side of the saw you can easily see the blade, guide, cutting line while holding the saw in your right hand. This makes it much easier to cut a straight line, not to mention safer. The tilt-Lok handle can be adjusted back, for vertical cutting, forward for horizontal cutting, or anywhere in between.

The 15-amp motor provide almost as much power as a commercial worm drive saw and will handle about any DIY project, and in comfort. This saw also has an easy to reach depth lever and bevel adjustment. The The bevel will adjust to 50 degrees, farther that most worm drive saws, giving you all the flexibility you’ll need.

This Milwaukee circular saw kit comes with a carbide-tipped saw blade, blade wrench, and hard case for easy storage and transport.

So if it’s time to get serious about buying an easy to handle DIY circular saw, look no further. This one will last you a good long time.
A left handed model is also available.