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Review: Skil SHD77 Worm Drive Saw

by | Jan 18, 2010 | Product Reviews

The reasons DIY’ers, framers, and contractors choose the Skil worm drive circular saw.

Skil Worm Drive Skil SawI started in the construction business more years ago than I can remember. First as a laborer and then moving into framing. That’s when I bought my first commercial circular saw: the Skil 7-1/4 inch worm drive saw.

Before that, I was using a standard 7-1/4 inch DIY circular saw. The first time I used my Skilsaw I was totally amazed at the power and how its balance made it so easy to control. This is one amazing saw.

First off, I’ve got to say, this saw was designed and built for framers and contractors, and isn’t for everybody. At 16 lbs it’s quite heavy, and takes a bit of time to learn how to handle. But once you get a handle on it, it’s the finest saw you’ll ever own!

Great care was taken in the design of this fine saw, such as the precision-machined worm gears that eliminate the kickbacks found in the lighter saws. The heavy duty aluminum foot glides smoothly over your work, and the large, quick-release, positive locking bevel and depth levers make this saw easy to use, and extremely accurate.

The 15 amp motor has all the power you’ll need, and there’s easy access to clean or change the brushes. It also comes with a two position saw hook, or sometimes called a sky hook, used for hanging the saw on rafters and joists.

The push button blade lock allows for fast and easy blade changes, and the “anti snag” lower guard allows for very smooth operation.
Skil SHD77 saw details.

I’ve owned and commercially used my Skilsaw for well over twenty years now and have never needed to replace anything, except the blade, of course. In my opinion, no one has built a better worm drive saw.

If you’re considering investing in a worm drive saw, take my advise and buy a Skil. It’s a sure thing.

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