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Review: Stanley’s New DIY Collection Tool Box/Organizer

by | Nov 9, 2009 | Product Reviews

Tom, one of my faithful readers, just purchased one of the new Stanley DIY Tool Box/organizers, and here’s what he had to say about it.

Hi Larry,

I stopped by Target this afternoon and picked up one of the new Stanley Parts Organizers (14006).

I’ve attached some images in case you haven’t seen one yet. Feel free to use the pictures if you want.

Stanley Toolbox Organizer

Stanley Parts Organizers 14006

I wasn’t able to find the boxes on the Target website, as they probably haven’t updated their system yet.

Also, not all Target stores are carrying them either.

I picked mine up at a Super Target (or whatever they call the big ones that include a grocery section). It was only $8.99. Cheaper than the original!

I noticed that the lid has two stickers on it — one placed over the other. I tried to separate them to see what the bottom one said, but I couldn’t do it without destroying the bottom one.

Stanley (14006)

The most obvious difference with the new one is they changed the color of the case and dividers to tan, from the original black and yellow. 

A couple of things I noticed that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else — the slots and dividers have kind of a dovetail arrangement. This keeps the dividers from being pushed out of place if the contents try to shift.

As you probably noticed from your original model, there are two dividers with the dovetail on three sides — the one on the third side is what the lock at the center of the lid catches on, to help keep the contents from bulging the lid, thereby keeping things from shifting between compartments.

Stanley (14006)

Notice the grooves on the bottom of the box- that makes these great organizers stackable and quite strong. And once stacked, they stay stacked.

Stanley (14006)

DIY Tip: Once you have separated the dividers from each other, I recommend trimming off the the excess bump of plastic where the dividers are joined together. The little bump left from separating the dividers interferes with dividers fitting into the slots.

Not a big deal, but something I noticed and easily dealt with.

By the way, did you hear that Stanley bought out Black and Decker earlier this week?  More precisely, they bought enough B&D stock to
control it.  I saw a blurb about it on the Fine Homebuilding website.


Well it seems that everyone I’ve talked with or heard from is very happy that Stanley has brought back this great DIY Tool box/organizer. Thanks again Stanley. And thank you Tom.