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How to Easily Stay in Touch in an Emergency

by | Jan 19, 2010 | Product Reviews

Your best choice for receiving emergency information and staying in touch with this compact, self-powered emergency radio.

Whether you’re at home, in your car, boat, or just camping, staying in touch during an emergency is critical, and I’ve found the best self powered emergency radio to do just that.

Raynic 5000 Portable Emergency Radio: AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Radio with Solar and Hand Crank AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Portable Radio with Cellphone Charger, Headphone Jack, Flashlight, Reading Lamp and SOS Alarm (Yellow)

For staying in touch, this brilliant emergency radio Includes a multi-band (AM/FM) radio, Shortwave, NOAA (weather), and S.A.M.E. (location based weather alerts). Plus it has built in USB cell phone and MP3 charging.

And if that isn’t enough, it has an easy to read digital display, built in flashlight, emergency siren with flashing beacon, and a backlit digital clock with alarm, snooze, and sleep timer.

It’s small size and light weight make this little life saver easily carried in your car, boat, motorcycle, mountain bike, or backpack.

When an emergency strikes, just having a convenient way to stay in touch, or charging your cell phone can make all the difference.

Raynic 5000 Portable Emergency Radio: See it on Amazon