What makes you an expert?

I have over four decades experience designing, building, and repairing homes and businesses.

What areas of help can you give?

I can help you with just about any DIY project around the house. If it has to do with your home; plumbing, electrical wiring and safety, home repairs, carpentry, design, or remodeling, I can help. There’s a brief list at the bottom of this page.

Is there anything you can't answer?

If there is something I can not answer I will try to direct you to someone that can help you. Your payment will be refunded and there is no charge for the referral.

What if I can't provide photos?

Most problems don’t require photos. Describe your question/problem the best you can and we will discuss it via email, text, phone, or Skype. Phone discussions are limited to 5 minutes so please have as much information available before the call.

What do I get for my money?

You will get real help from a real person that has extensive experience with most all home problems/projects. You will get a step-by-step guide to successfully address your question/problem/project.

What if you can't answer my problem?

If there is something I can not answer I will try to direct you to someone that may help you and there is no charge for the referral.

What if I need more than a 5 minute phone call?

I will do my best to answer questions within the 5 minute phone call. If your project requires additional time, I offer expediated service with longer phone conversations for an additional fee.

What if I need additional consultation?

Additional consultation is available in 15-minute time blocks for $15 each.

What payment options do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are all accepted via PayPal.
You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a payment.

What happens if I mess it up?

It’s not uncommon for inexperienced people to do something incorrectly. Let’s face it, mistakes happen to everyone. But, if something does go wrong, I’ll do my best to help you succeed with speed.

What guarantees do you offer?

There are no guarantees, written or implied, as to the outcome of your situation.


Faucet leaks
Shut-off valves
Toilet guts
Installing a new washer
Water heater
Kitchen and Bath design
Maintenance items
and many others…


Changing/fixing a switch
Broken light bulb
Light fixture
Light fixture to a fan
Electrical outlet
Fan to a light fixture
Adding a light to a fan
Adding an outlet or switch
Replacing a dryer cord or stove cord
Adding or changing stove vent hood
Adding a microwave hood
Adding an outside outlet
Changing or adding a GFI
and many more…


Building shelves and work tops
Hanging heavy objects
Finding studs
Installing cabinets
Dry rot/termite repairs
Deck repairs
Building decks, railing, and stairs
Repairing window sills and trim
Stairs and railings
Home, garage and out building design and choices
Basement finishing
Wood floors
and many more.


New roofs and repairs
Gutters and down spouts
Sky lights, Solar tubes, and Attic venting
Paints and stains for house and decks
Carports and garages
and many more…