I really didn’t want to admit this…

but maybe my friends and family are right. I have been resisting them for a long time and now I guess I’m going to give in and see what happens. You see, for many years my friends and family have called me to help them with their “do it yourself” home projects.

For instance have you ever experienced something like this?

… You’re in the middle of a project when all of a sudden, a part breaks. So you pull out your trusty DIY books to find a solution… AND NOTHING. You then try looking it up online and again, NOTHING that tells you how to fix YOUR specific problem. ARRGHH!

So what started out as a little 45-minute project turns into a 2-day ordeal of multiple trips to the hardware store and endless discussions with store employees who all seem to start their sentences with, “I’m not sure, but I think…”

Friends and Family call me.

For my friends and family the solution was easy — they simply called me. It wasn’t my intention to be their go-to-answer-guy, but that’s just how it worked out. And that’s okay because I really love helping them (get their projects done — quickly and easily.)

They have asked for assistance with planning, to answer general questions and, most importantly, getting them out of the unexpected pitfalls that so often arise.

They also call me (all the time I might add) from the store to ask my advice on what products to buy (as there are so many choices these days).

And because I happen to be one of those people who always seem to find the best deals, they ask me to find them the deals on home products and tools.

Their own personal DIY expert!

And that’s where my dilemma comes into play.

I never really thought about doing this for them — only that they’d call me with questions and I’d give them the answers they needed to complete their project.

But when they kept bugging me to start a DIY website, well I resisted, and resisted, and resisted.

I mean, it’s one thing to help friends and family, but could it be a viable option for anyone else?

It makes perfect sense!

After thinking about long and hard, It makes perfect sense. You see, I have been there many many times over the years and know how to anticipate problems before they happen and I know how to solve the unexpected problems and tips to avoid the frustration that is inherent in so many home projects.

Then I started searching the web and I began to see that so many of the DIY sites out there are full of great information but it was difficult to sort through it all to find the answer to a specific problem.

DIY books take you through a step-by-step process for many projects but may not give you the tips to avoid problems along the way.

DIY forums can be great but, so often, you still have to sort through all the responses and the information you find doesn’t always align with what you’re working on.

You see, my friends and family think I can help you with your DIY projects just like I helped them — and now I agree.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “Who is this guy and how does he know so much”?

Over 40 years of experience!

Well I started out over 40 years ago building little custom energy efficient homes with a friend’s Dad, then moved on to building tract homes.

After years of experience, mistakes, and solving problems, I started building custom homes.

I then designed, blueprinted, and built my own stick built house from the ground up. What a great and fulfilling experience that was (and I came in under budget)

Next, I built a beautiful log home in the mountains of Colorado. I have also supervised the building of large commercial buildings and been a facilities manager for a major builder.

I know I can help you out too.