Essential DIY Tools


Stop wasting money buying the wrong tools or tools you don’t really need! This comprehensive 26-page home improvement guide gives you detailed infor­ma­tion, and prices, on 45 of the best do-it-yourself tools — the essen­tial tools you’ll use the most.

Having these tools on hand can easily save you time, money, and frus­tra­tion so you too can succeed with speed.


One of the biggest prob­lems do-it-yourselfers encounter is either not having the right tools, or not having any tools for the project at hand. And it’s no wonder as there are SO many tools to choose from, making it almost impos­sible to decide which tools you really need.

Over the years I’ve bought, used, and discarded more tools than I can remember. But through it all I’ve learned which tools work best, which one’s don’t and, even more impor­tantly, which tools I couldn’t live without.

After all those years of expe­ri­ence, I’ve come up with a list of the tools you’ll use the most, the essen­tial tools any do-it-yourselfer should have to take on most home improve­ment projects.

Find out what tools are right for you.